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International Gene Clinic


International Gene Clinic - 0845 410 4100


Part of HCA Private Hospitals Group

No other private hospitals in London have more intensive care beds, achieve such consistently high patient survival rates or work with as many top specialists and doctors from leading NHS teaching hospitals. 

We treat patients from London, the UK and all over the world and promise privacy, respect, comfort, cleanliness and top quality treatment. So whether you are a patient, a family member, a doctor, or an employer - ask for an HCA hospital.

We are recognised by all major medical insurance companies.

* The HCA Quality Report 2007

Why we are London's No. 1 private hospital group

  • More than 3,000 top London and UK specialists in private practice
  • Most comprehensive access to the very latest drugs and medical technology.
  • Centres of Excellence in acute medical areas such as cancer, cardiac and neurology
  • More clinics and hospitals in London - and more private intensive care beds
  • We exceed national standards for cleanliness and treatment outcomes
  • Award-winning partnerships with leading NHS hospital trusts
  • More than 200,000 patients treated every year
  • The hospitals of choice for acute and tertiary medical care in London

The HCA International Foundation was created in 2005 as part of HCA's commitment to the care and improvement of human life by delivering high-quality, cost-effective healthcare in the communities it serves. The Foundation is a charity dedicated to furthering these aims by supporting and promoting medical research and education.

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