As Covid-19 is affecting us all in so many ways, routine face to face consultations are now on hold. In exceptional circumstances patients can be seen in clinic. However, we are very happy to conduct virtual consultations via Skype, Zoom or phone for both new and follow-up patients. Please call 07970 886663 or email for an appointment and we can see you within a matter of days.
It may be helpful to note that the major insurance companies are supporting initiatives such as this but if in doubt please consult them.

The International Gene Clinic is a paediatric and adult diagnostic and investigation clinic for patients
and families for all forms of inherited conditions.

Our aim is to advise on the diagnosis, follow-up, treatment, risk assessment, research and reproductive options so that patients and families are better informed in order that everyone can live and reproduce as normally as possible.

Our Genetic Specialists

Dr Saggar is a Consultant in the South West Thames Regional Genetics Department at St George’s Hospital Medical School and Honorary Senior Lecturer within the Medical School.

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Dr Paul Brennan is a Consultant in Clinical Genetics with the Northern Genetics Service, based at the International Centre for Life, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

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Who we can help and what we can advise on

Some people attend the clinic for a diagnosis, others come with a diagnosis for information about the condition and how likely it is to affect other family members.

  • Pre-pregnancy planning
  • Gene test results
  • Genetic wellbeing
  • Personalised genetics
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Pre-natal cases

IGC Patient Journey - 5 easy steps

  • 1

    Initial Consultation

    • Draw family history/pedigree
    • Your personal history
    • Examination
  • 2


    • Imaging scans Xray, Ultrasound, MRI
    • Specific gene tests
    • Biopsies
  • 3

    Follow-up with Consultant

    • Review test results
    • Treatment options
    • Recommend follow up
    • Identify at-risk relatives
  • 4

    Refer as required

    • IVF/PGD
    • Pre-natal
    • Other specialists
  • 5

    Regular review/

    • Investigations as indicated
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