Dr. Jan Cobben

Dr. Jan Cobben is a distinguished clinical and paediatric geneticist specializing in genetic and congenital disorders in children and pregnancies. Trained in The Netherlands, he was lead of the Clinical Genetics Department in VU Amsterdam, thereafter head of the Paediatric Genetics department of the Emma Children’s Hospital in Amsterdam, now part of the Amsterdam University Medical Centre. He is currently the clinical lead of the Northwest Thames Regional Genetics Service NHS, covering Northwest London and surroundings.

Jan Cobben was, and is, involved in many research activities, published >150 internationally reviewed research papers on rare genetic diseases. He is also well known for contributions in the field genetics education, among them giving a 3-day course “Calculation of Genetic Risks” in The Netherlands, every year for the last 25 years. His work emphasizes precise diagnosis, patient-centered care, and advancing genetic knowledge through academic contributions and practical applications. His main contributions to Genetics, of course, occurred at the respectable ages of 50 and 54, when he became father of two daughters.